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  • Co-curricular Activities


    Nagie's Angels Educational Centre offers a specialized program called Smartribe, which focuses on teaching abacus and coding skills to learners. In the Abacus section of Smartribe, learners learn the ancient art of mental calculation using an abacus tool. In the Coding section, they learn fundamental coding concepts, problem-solving techniques, and how to create their own programs and applications.


    learners at Nagie's Angels Educational Centre have the opportunity to participate in exciting excursions to various educational and cultural destinations. These trips provide valuable experiential learning experiences and help broaden learners' horizons.

    Christmas Concerts

    In December, a concert is planned to enable our learners to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, public speaking, drama and many others. These concerts bring joy and celebration to the whole school community.

    Orphanage Visit & Donations

    The school organizes visits to local orphanages to foster compassion and empathy among learners. Additionally, learners have the opportunity to donate essential items and contribute to the well-being of less privileged children.

    MISE Mathematical Olympiad

    Nagie's Angels Educational Centre actively participates in the MISE Mathematical Olympiad, a prestigious competition that challenges learners' mathematical skills and logical reasoning. learners have the chance to compete with their peers from other schools.

    Career Days

    Regular career days are organized at Nagie's Angels Educational Centre, where professionals from various fields are invited to share their experiences and insights with learners. This helps learners explore different career paths and make informed decisions about their future.

    Science & Art Exhibitions

    Science and art exhibitions are held at Nagie's Angels Educational Centre to showcase learners' creative and scientific projects. These exhibitions provide a platform for learners to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and innovative ideas.

    Career & Guidance Counselling

    Nagie's Angels Educational Centre offers career and guidance counseling services to help learners with their academic and career planning. Professional counselors provide support, advice, and resources to assist learners in making informed decisions about their educational and professional paths.